32nd Chili Open Logo

Pete Nixon

It’s a charity auction with celebrities, food and beer with the bonus option of hitting a few golf balls in Ohio in February.

Pay Hayes

Hitting Balls in the snow is just a small part of the chili open. The fabulous food and drink as well as the excitement of the auctions makes the event […]

Jay Dzurilla

What better way to both have FUN playin – in a unique way – and assist those less fortunate than we.

Chuck Cury

It’s not a chili competition but we have chili. You can golf on the frigid grounds or just chill with your friends inside and enjoy the food and beverages. A […]

Rosie Shuey

Great time and lots of fun. Plus you feel good because it’s all going to charity!

Dave Shuey

“A day of drinking, laughs and good times… ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE!”

Bruce Kahn

It’s non stop entertainment, from the exciting auction to the purchasing of beads for the wheelbarrow full of booze. There are simulated golf contests inside as well as golf outside […]

Manjit Khuban

It’s a party with all the food you can eat and all the beer you can drink. With the bonus of being able to play golf outdoors at the Berea […]

John Turnbull

I think I’ve described it as an Oktoberfest beer hall with long tables, food and beer, a live auction and 50/50 and other games going on, and some people play […]